Christina Aguilera is ‘gay for pay’

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Apparently Christina Aguilera likes kissing girls. According to her, she loved kissing Madonna and hopes to do it again. GEE THAT’S NOT A MARKETING PLOY AT ALL. I have almost no respect for Christina Aguilera, even though she clearly married for love, (You’ve seen the man appropriately dubbed Ratman), because she seems to be constantly whoring herself out. Also, I find her to be much like the poor man’s Britney. Which is not entirely awful, but now she wants to be a poor man’s Dita Von Teese too. I know every pop princess since the dawn of time has sold sex, but she makes it so tacky. It’s the difference between a high class escort and a skanky hooker named ‘Chantellia’ with a wicked case of cameltoe and a cigarette dangling from her lips, who ominously announces afterwards that she ‘needs her cream’.