Dear Backstreet Boys….no-one cares anymore

Got dignity?

Apparently the Backstreet Boys have decided to continue releasing crap after the departure of Kevin ‘cut your damn hair’ Richardson. I find the Backstreet Boys annoying, but generally inoffensive in terms of music, but what the **** is with the name? There are so many things wrong with the name. Like, OK

-Why are you still calling yourself ‘boys’? I swear to God, the greasy one with the goatee must be pushing 40 at least.
-Why ‘The Backstreet boys’? Was it your intention to sound like some kind of gay male prostitution ring? Is it an in-joke or did you genuinely miss the irony?
-Hahahaha, ‘The’. Together they’re not creepy men who made their fortune thrusting their pelvises and swearing undying devotion (something something OCEAN!) to millions of screaming pre-teens. They’re ‘The Backstreet Boys’.

Goddamn I hate that name.