Justin Timberlake is stupid

(Pic from Undercover Music)

Justin Timberlake needs a slap. This comes as no surprise to me since every time I look at his smug, pointy little face, remember how he broke Britney’s heart and forced her to find solace in the arms of a trailer park mutant, or catch sight of him writhing and body popping to some irritatingly catchy beat on one of his videos like some kind of horrible disco snake, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘he just needs to be slapped’. But he confirmed he does indeed, need slapping with this recent statement

””I started to see the influence of the production (of Justified) changing the sound of pop music,” he says, without a hint of ego.”

OK, no. All YOU did, Justin Timberlake, is ‘like, ROCK THE WORLD’ of a bunch of teenyboppers and sorority girls who need something to gyrate to. But I digress. Here’s another gem.

””Everything was so repetitive, everything sounds the same. I had to create something unique, otherwise there was no point putting it out. Justified changed the sound of pop music.”

ALMOST ALL OF THE SONGS ON YOUR ALBUM WERE PRODUCED BY THE NEPTUNES, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. They are FAMOUS for creating repetitive beats! I haven’t met a single person who can’t immediately identify a Neptunes beat! But then, the majority of this self indulgent wank fest can be explained by the following statement

””Oh, I’ve done way too many drugs to run for President!” Timberlake says. “I don’t think I’d pass the bar for that.””


(Justin Timberlake thanks Jesus for tin-eared sixteen year olds)