Girls are not idiots

I am so sick of these stupid marketing ploys to get women to buy gadgets. Seriously ladies, and be honest, how hideous is that phone? Would you be willing to spend 180 dollars on this thing? My answer is hell no. So first of all, it’s ugly. Jennifer Aniston’s divorce ugly. On the design front a big fat pass.

But wait! It has special features for us ‘gals’, such as a screen that turns into a mirror! And a sleek carry strap! (In fact, designers, why would a feature that allows you to become a walking advertisement for muggers be so smart? Are you just phoning it in right now?). Well, my Razr has bluetooth, quadband, a nifty external display, and excellent memory. The ‘Glamphone’ has a mirror and a strap. On the features front, another pass.

So it’s ugly and barely functional. Why would I want this phone? Because it’s endorsed by ‘Elle’ (which I admit is the only glossy I read every month apart from Vogue)? Because it’s ‘glam’? Women aren’t stupid, advertisers. When I buy a phone, I buy a phone that is well designed and has good specs. Hence the Razr.

When it comes to gadgets, women don’t need to be talked down to or given patronising little extras. Why in God’s name would someone buy a phone because it has a mirror in it? Surely it’d be cheaper to just buy a mirror. Nor are we dazzled by fancy marketing schemes. So save it. Build a functional phone with a good camera.