Verne Troyer (aka Mini Me) does it on tape.


A lot of people are like ‘good for him, she’s hot and he’s a midget’. But not me, man. I’d rather have seen lemonparty; the mpeg.

This is the ultimate ‘fuck you, Dad!’. Used to be you could become a cokehead and flash your tits at a party photographer to get even with your father. Because forget all the years of ‘love’ and ‘quality time’, he just took back your AmEx and that job at American Apparel is going to cut so badly into your ‘me time’. Not any more. Your dad’s just gonna open that jpeg and then beam with pride at his daughter’s first appearance on the cobrasnake.

Nope. Nowadays it seems you have to get railed by a midget on camera to make any kind of statement at all.