R.I.P, you piece of shit.

I’m going to stop using my old Fujifilm camera because I have an SLR and (when they finally arrive) lots of new cameras to use. I am excited.

After Sofi (thanks again, SO sorry you left the country) drunkenly smashed my old Samsung I felt like no camera would ever compare. I wasn’t half wrong.

If the Samsung was a caring, devoted husband, the Fujifilm camera would be the abusive construction worker boyfriend who hates his job and isn’t afraid to take it out on the kids. Besides which, look at it. Fuck you Fujifilm for, in good conscience, selling people this monstrosity.

I like my new SLR a lot, and I hope in time we can build a loving relationship.

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the (AWFUL) S5000;

Here are all the pictures I took on it. Love 2 everyone in them. Even if I secretly hate you.