Summer time (of our lives)

This blog is becoming a self absorbed blog so this is the last ‘ME ME OMG ME’ type entry I’ll be doing for a while. Here is what my summer so far has consisted of;

-Loling at Kieran stomping into the Apple store wearing heels and a chiffon ‘burka’, batting his eyelashes at the openly appalled security guards.

-Backstage, loudly noting how bad the back up singer Mark Ronson hired to sing for Lily Allen during his Wireless set was.

-Realizing it was Lily Allen.

-Looking around ashamedly whilst praying I hadn’t been overheard.

-Gawping at the 40 year old women with breast implant scars inadequately covered by Arrogant Cat dresses (that were merely pieces of string), ‘getting their groove on’ at the Embassy afterparty.

-Crying on a stoop in Crouch End.

-Attending a cocktail party and having a homosexual’s crotch thrust in my face.

-Doing the robot in front of A-Trak and Kid Sister and genuinely wondering why they avoided us later on in the night.

-Jarringly awkward situations.

-Taking drugs typically intended for hospital patients.

-Projectile vomiting in front of a kebab shop and then staggering inside to extend a puke smeared hand for napkins.

-Drunkenly shimmying to Nude at the Radiohead-Victoria Park gig.

-Wearing sunglasses at night.

-Accidentally stalking No Bra.

-Chugging a bottle of champagne on my own.

I hope I don’t come across as a vapid princess bitch in this thing. Nothing of any real substance has happened.