Idiot chat.

(We r 2 2 funny.)

Amy oh gosh. says: someone just asked me what i did last night
Amy oh gosh. says: i was going to say
Amy oh gosh. says: ”we ended up in the filthy basement of this bar in shoreditch, at 3am, listening to drum n bass and smoking weed with a russian prozzie”
Amy oh gosh. says: but then i realised no-one else would understand how depressing that is
b says: she wasn’t a prozzie

b says: Man.
b says: The highlight of my night was seeing a car license plate that said, ‘FTW’ as the last three letters.

Amy oh gosh. says: i want it to get to the point where we are loudly calling each other ‘disabled bitch’ in public

b says:i’m going to wiki ‘how to be funny’
b says:
Amy oh gosh says: ”When they try to be funny around people who are not “in the loop,” however, their humor often falls flat. In other words, they may come off as “geeks” or “nerds.”
Amy oh gosh says: that’s why people hate us

Amy oh gosh says: i wish the midget from trapped in the closet was my dad

b says:
b says: you get to be the bitch
b says: i get to be the cokehead

Amy oh gosh (”ban everything”) says: yeah, it can be a cute story to tell your retarded weed defect children
Amy oh gosh (”ban everything”) says: he’s a massive stoner and he’ll probably get lost on the way home one day, never to be seen or heard from again
Amy oh gosh (”ban everything”) says: if he does have children their memories will be so bad
Amy oh gosh (”ban everything”) says: and they’ll look just like him.
b says: he’s good looking
Amy oh gosh (”ban everything”) says: ok