Ralph Nader is awesome.

Ralph Nader
decided to get some attention by going on TV and asking Obama if he’s going to be ‘Uncle Sam or Uncle Tom‘. I ❤ confused, angry old men.

This is literally the political equivalent of your grandfather getting overexcited when you go to visit him at the home and screaming about how the Jews are poisoning his food and the Coloureds are stealing money from his wallet. The only difference here is that there’s no orderly to quietly wheel him away.

NADER IN 2012!

Edit; hahaha holy shit I just realized FOX NEWS were the ones calling him out. When Fox News thinks you’re an insane, ranting lunatic, you might as well drive yourself to the asylum. This is the same network that referred to a gesture of affection between Obama and his wife as a ‘terrorist fist jab‘.*


(*The HATE FILLED GESTURE in question)

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