2008, brah!

2008 has been a pretty rad year. Here are my top 5 favourite things from 2008.

Fun timez!

1. The ladz in Venice for my birthday.
2. 02 Wireless
3. Halloween!
4. Watching a drunk Irish man try to give a stripper some loose change for a lap dance
5. Sitting on a pavement on a crowded road with Billie, eating Ben and Jerry’s and watching Papa Roach videos on an iPhone in our pajamas because we were too tired and depressed to go to a club.

Shitty timez

1. I lost an iPhone
2. I lost a BlackBerry
3. I got punched in the head by a person with ‘cognitive difficulties
4. I broke my SLR
5. I became a cranky OAP who wanted to stay home and bitch on the internet all the time.

Songz I liked to hear in da clubz

1. Everybody Nose- N.E.R.D
2. Single Ladies- Beyonce
3. Last Day Of Magic- The Kills
4. We Don’t Understand You-Apes and Androids
5. Alle Som Inte Dansar- Maskinen

Funny things what people done said

1. ”He made me to buy him a G&T to make up for it. I don’t even know what a G&T is” – Some random girl outside Notting Hill Arts Club
2. ”I’m from Leytonstone, so don’t, uh…..Hate-enstone”- Billie Jid
3. ”I’m going as an Indian person”- Kieran
4. ”You’re like a pharmacy”- Kieran
5. ”You wouldn’t eat my shit to save my life? You’re SUPPOSED to be my best friend!”-Billie

Basically, guyz. Re-blog this for epic lulz. But uh, your own version.