Skins has come back to me

I just don’t understand how there are naysayers who don’t think that Skins is totally awesome.

Come on. Did you not laugh wryly when Anwar finally had sex? Did you not cheer when Tony finally came out his weird little coma? Did you not weep when Cassie ran through the streets of New York? HAVE YOU NO HEART?

I, personally, hardly ever watch TV. I cannot count the number of times I’ve been at a club and offended some D-list reality TV star from ‘who wants to marry a deaf man’ or ‘celebrity rape counselling’ or whatever, simply by not knowing who they were. I saw Big Brother once, when it first came out and turned it off when I realized that it was just a bunch of cameras filming people sitting around a house nicer than my own. I remember scoffing ‘who’s going to be stupid enough to watch this shit?’

Skins is one of the only TV related subjects I can talk about with great ease. Literally. I thought the characters were interesting, relatable, multi-faceted and well scripted. I thought the plotlines were genius even when they were also bordering on farcical and I truly believe they had one of the best marketing campaigns of any British show ever aired.

That being said I didn’t watch the first episode of s3 last night. So if its shit, disregard everything I have just said.

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