(Should go without saying but the above video obvs could be a trigger if you have had an eating disorder.)

How to be Pro-Ana; A Guide;

Step 1) Start a livejournal complaining about how fat you are.

Step 2) Start leaving comments on thinspo sites. Questions you should be asking are;

”how do u become anorexic?”
(Remember, you won’t learn if you don’t ask!)

”if i become anorexic will i lose my boobs lol?”

”want to be anorexic b4 my winter dance can any1 help me??!!”

Step 3) Eat salad and fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Drink only water. Do this for 2 days. Give up. Binge on a box of Krispy Kreme. Start Step 1 again.

Step 4) Teach yourself slogans like ‘Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit’ and ‘thin tastes better than food’. Recite these to anyone who will listen so that they are aware of your newfound beliefs. Tie a piece of red string around your wrist. For maximum pity, give yourself little cuts with a safety pin on a visible part of your body.

Step 5) Plaster your social networking profiles with thinspo. Keep a food diary on myspace. Edit it so that people only read about the 3 glasses of water you had that morning and not the 5 slices of Domino’s pizza you had that night.

Step 6) Bask in the attention your new ‘eating disorder’ is giving you from friends, family and co-workers. Take the 3 pounds you have lost in the past month as justification that you ‘have a problem’.

Starve on, stay strong!

Seriously, the pro-ana movement is one of the dumbest, funniest things on the internet. Anyone who wishes for anorexia is retarded. That’s like wishing for Hepatitis.