Freedom! (At least for a few days)

A poem I wrote whilst bored, about a girl sitting opposite me who wouldn’t shut up during our lecture and made us all have to stay 20 minutes extra, the irritating cunt.

Ode to Kymberley

your oily forehead

glistens in the pale chubby blancmange

that is your face

ruby studded pockmarks dot your skin

like craters

in a far off moon

are you sorry

we do not want to hear

your Lil’ Wayne ringtone, every five minutes


I handed in (pretty much) all my work, woop woop! To celebrate, later I might write a blog entry that isn’t lazy/solely about me!

P.S As long as this video exists I will love Jessica Simpson even if she puts on like 30 stone. Although I think high waisted jeans were a poor choice.

Link’s in HD, as God intended it.


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