Poor Maisy

Maisy wants you to know about her big flaps.

Today I wrote about Kris Marshall for I don’t care if you wouldn’t I would I want to have his babies.

Also here is a chatlog so I can say I updated!

On da future

Ash /|\  says: I can be a future pikey.

Amy oh gosh. says: why would you aspire to be a pikey in the future?

Amy oh gosh. says: you want live long enough so that you can sit in front of a hologram theatre begging for change?

Ash /|\ says: look will you stop ruining my futurescape

Amy oh gosh. says:…fine.

Ash /|\ says: converse exists in the future

Ash /|\  says: have you not seen i, robot

Amy oh gosh. says: yes

Amy oh gosh. says: Asimov was breakdancing in his grave srs

On unreliable friends

Amy oh gosh. says: you should make friends with some drug addicts

Amy oh gosh. says: drug addicts don’t create social tension

Amy oh gosh. says: and if you give them a line once they will never forget to invite you anywhere

On Con Air

Amy oh gosh. says: there is very little rape for a movie about a bunch of prisoners on a plane

Ash /|\ says: danny trejo fancied a rape

Amy oh gosh. says: yeah but he didn’t rape that lady he got merked and lost an arm

Ash /|\ says: he had a go, though.

Ash /|\ says: tried his best.

Amy oh gosh. says: that’s why he died, his best wasn’t good enough. an important life lesson.

Ash /|\  says: could you have done better?

Amy oh gosh.says: yes

Amy oh gosh. says: she was handcuffed and the only other person there was bleeding to death

Amy oh gosh. says: stephen hawking could have finished the job

On Pitchfork’s Top 25 Albums

Ash says: pretty much. haven’t heard that one…or that one….or that one…or that one… or that one.

Amy oh gosh. says: ”if you haven’t been listening to the cokehead experience all year you’ve been leading a pretty sheltered existence”

Ash says: XD

Amy oh gosh.  says: how many times do you think the words ‘dance’ and ‘ironic’ will appear

Ash  says: as many times as the carter 3 is mentioned

Ash says: they actually suck lil wayne off

Amy oh gosh. says: its ‘ironic’ to listen to gangsta rap when you live in a loft and sip green tea whilst masturbating to posters of Moby

Ash says: I laughed, heartily.

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  1. The whole internet should just be peoples msn chats. It gives an insight into the intricate minds of our fellow human beings. For example, I have garnered that I fucking love you from yours. (No homo)

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