I wonder why people h8 me


On unattractive women;

Amy oh gosh. says: http://content.yieldmanager.edgesuite.net/atoms/78/68/51/56/786851562f02569c3ffa329fd7872ebc.gif

Amy oh gosh.says: should the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse ever take human form they will surely resemble those women

Ash  says: 4 horseman of the sexocalypse

On Biggie Smalls;

Amy oh gosh. says: ”I catch your mama going to therapy
And cut her throat
You lil’ sister walking home from school
I abduct her, then I fuck her

Amy oh gosh. says: Notorious B.I.G was a wonderful person.

Ash  says: a real man of the community

Amy oh gosh. says: a gentle spirit who left us all too soon

Amy oh gosh. says: tbf though, if the bullets hadn’t killed him, angina eventually would have. jesus christ.

On the subtle nuances of sexual assault;

Ash  says: its not rape really though, is it

Amy oh gosh. says: its like date rape

Ash  says: but not proper rape

Amy oh gosh. says: no, ash. not ‘proper’ rape.

On ‘lol’;

Amy oh gosh.says: he says lol at the end of everything

Amy oh gosh. says: i want 2 stab u lol

Ash  says: hitler is a top top bloke really lol

Amy oh gosh. says: i think that all minorities are poison lol

Amy oh gosh. says: i gave this girl a roofie last night lol

Ash  says: when u have chlamydia is the stuff that comes out green or yellow? lol

On Pitchfork (again);

Ash says: I want to see pitchforks offices

Ash says:I imagine it to be like one of those japanese temples, with paper walls and incense everywhere

Ash  says: oh hello there, friend. please take off your shoes before stepping into the Admin department, or as we like to call it, the fountain of essence chamber

Amy oh gosh. says: i imagine the main writers and editors spend their days listening to high frequency pitches on their bose stereos with their eyes closed, talking about the treble

Amy oh gosh. says: their top videos…that devandra banhart video with natalie portman HAS to be in this

Amy oh gosh.says: and like, an usher video or something to fill their ‘WE’RE NOT RACIST’ quotient

Ash says: nah, it’ll be something from TI or t-pain

Ash says: imagine ironically liking t-pain

Ash  says: you’d have to start thinking where did my life go wrong

Ash  says: what turn did I take for this to happen

Amy oh gosh.says: ”well basically it all started when i realised i was the whitest, most unoriginal person alive”

2 thoughts on “I wonder why people h8 me

  1. large lol.

    ‘WE’RE NOT RACIST’ quotient.

    the official pitchfork

    guidelines state that the ratio

    of montreal based beards

    to randomly generated

    african american artists

    must be 9:1 at all times.

    also, check yrrr gmail gal.


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