WoW this Game is Shit (Part 3)

I’m erring on the side of ‘social entertainment’ as a huge part of the reason for this game’s popularity. Most of the people I’ve spoken to or read about have said that the reason they feel they can’t stop playing is because they don’t want to let their guild down. And if that means playing 12 hours a day because everyone else is…Virtual peer pressure. Also with some people there’s an unconcious desire to become the most powerful or the richest player in their area or whatever, something that means a lot of gameplay. It SEEMS a waste of time, but its basically just that need to be the most popular that manifests itself in any group of people. Sorta like Mean Girls with more acne.

That means there’s also the joy of schadenfreude, when these people crash and burn, usually after being caught having cybersex with some hot babe who in ‘RL’ suffers from alopecia and hasn’t seen her own feet in years.

I want u to rub ur mellons on my cheek

''I want u to rub ur mellons on my cheeks''

There are people who think they are superior to you because they are a level 80 mage and you only have friends and a social life and a healthy BMI.

Did you know you can spend REAL money on things in the game?


Which explains why whoring and killing are the unofficial cornerstones of WoW.

This woman literally fucked for gold.

Day 3;

Today I play as a female human rogue in the hopes that I might feel closer to my character. And there is another voiceover, but this time I find I am totally amped to hear it. HU-MAN RACE! HU-MAN RACE! I start the game in another field standing opposite a squatting man called ‘DILDOLOVE’ and get in a duel almost immediately. I lose, of course, but am invited to join a guild. Hellz yeah! (You can’t actually join a guild whilst playing the trial though. Which sucks). Humans rule! After wandering around for a bit, I get stopped by some girl who informs me the land belongs to her guild. I laugh in her face and retort ‘ACTUALLY THIS IS CRIPS TERRITORY’ and the bitch kills me! And after finally finding my corpse on their land and resurrecting (such a pain in the ass), bitch kills me again! Not gonna lie, I am vaguely annoyed.

So I do the only reasonable thing. I sneak back over the bridge, murder her, try to loot her corpse and stand over her body for a good 5 minutes making sure she doesn’t come back to life in my presence.* And I won’t lie, it feels damn good. Afterwards I run through the forest screaming ‘DUUUUUUUUEL!’ like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate. Then I realise my hour is up and I can finally turn the damn thing off.

*Later I am told it wasn’t an actual person but a computer generated character. I don’t care, I still MERKED that bitch.

Day 4;

You know I really like it, I know I’m happy up here. says: some generally like the story (remember, that this is just one game in the series of Warcraft games that’ve been going on for years), some play it just as a social thing and manage their time alright on it, some play with real life friends, and yeah, some are just batshit mental or digging for some jailbait.

You know I really like it, I know I’m happy up here. says: what happened today?

Amy oh gosh. says: nothing

Amy oh gosh. says: no-one will talk to me i’m a lvl 2 pleb

You know I really like it, I know I’m happy up here. says: XD

You know I really like it, I know I’m happy up here. says: Yeah, pretty accurate

And I’m done, basically. But I kind of understand why people play WoW? A bit more? Well, normal people. But not why some become obsessed to the point of blowing wads of cash and time on it. Its a vaguely entertaining waste of time (albeit one I couldn’t play for 9 days) but I’d rather be on iChat or watching Ab Fab or something tbf.

Really feel like I learned something from this guyz.

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