”How much is a man servant?”

On why chicks go for dicks;

Amy oh gosh. says: tbf

Amy oh gosh. says: i don’t understand how girls go for assholes and then get upset when the guy is an asshole

Amy oh gosh. says: that’s like ordering a drink and getting upset when the bartender gives you a drink

Ash /|\ says: the bartender just doesnt understand me at all

Amy oh gosh. says: i can change this drink if i work at it

Ash /|\ says: he keeps serving other girls drinks when they ask him to, he is such a douche

Amy oh gosh. says: you don’t understand its a completely different drink when we’re alone together

Ash /|\ says: XD

On The Sword;

Amy oh gosh.  says: do the sword have any fans without aspergers?

Ash /|\  says: the sword are awesome

Amy oh gosh. says: guess not

On Hayden Panetierre;

Amy oh gosh. says: Vanilla Ice would merk her in a rap battle

Ash /|\ says: I think Tupac in his current state would merk her in a rap battle

On mysteries no-one knows;

Ash /|\ says: what happens after a bungee jump?

Ash /|\ says: like you fall down, bounce around for a bit and then what

Ash /|\ says: how do you get back up

Amy oh gosh.says:…i don’t actually know

Amy oh gosh. says: maybe they drag you back up

Ash /|\ says: im not sure. what if you jump off a bridge, they cant drag you back up because you might hit your head

Ash /|\ says: and die

Amy oh gosh. says:  maybe you bounce back up

Amy oh gosh.says: or you are so low to the ground they can unclip you

Ash /|\ says: who knows.

Amy oh gosh.says: these are the questions

On a realistic Hitler;

Ash /|\ says: im watching Valkyrie

Ash /|\says: omg this hitler is so bad

Amy oh gosh. says: a bad actor or a bad person?

Ash /|\ says: doesnt even look like him

Ash /|\  says: just a man with a moustache

Amy oh gosh. says: you are complaining about the historical accuracy of a movie in which tom cruise plays the german revolutionary who brought down hitler

Amy oh gosh. says: time to prioritise, man.

Making fun of people;

Ash /|\ says: http://englishrussia.com/images/plastic_hell/5.jpg LOL.

Amy oh gosh.says: ”Clawed out of my grave just in time to see Kraftwerk excuse me i must find a lite beer”

On ‘the young people’;

Amy oh gosh. says: what do the young people like

Ash /|\  says: the hippin and the hoppin and the bippin and the boppin.

Amy oh gosh.says: XD

Amy oh gosh. says: Do they still like music?

Ash /|\ says: music is so commercial

Amy oh gosh.says: or are they just listening to things like a man crying over the sound of a printer now?

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  1. If i was a real wop i’d be awfully annoyed that fake tanned American Gotti boy guido fagz like that chap are now what the majority of the world immediately thinks of whenever someone says Italian guy.

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