Alcoholism counts as a hobby

On Auras;

Ash /|\ says: its my natural aura

Amy oh gosh. says: your aura of ‘is he a wife beater? can’t take da mystery’

On being featured;

Ash /|\ says: whoah. its ash. on a blog. whoah. WHOAH

Ash /|\  says: what the fucks up, london. what the fucks up, new york.

Ash /|\ says: whats up, INTERNET

Amy oh gosh. says: XD

On depressing revelations;

Amy oh gosh. says: it makes me sad that we have the technological advances to catch the top of someone’s nipple and then write about it seconds after

Ash /|\ says: makes you sad? it gives me faith in humanity

Amy oh gosh. says: we still haven’t cured cancer or found life on mars

Amy oh gosh. says: but we have lenses that can see britney’s vagina through tinted glass and then blow up every crease.

On Rihanna and Chris Brown;

Amy oh gosh. says: appaz jay-z was the one who gave rihanna the herpes

Ash /|\ says: what

Amy oh gosh. says:he gave her herpes and she gave it to chris brown and he beat her up

Ash /|\  says: im not sure I can think of a more libellous two sentences than those

Amy oh gosh. says: XD

Amy oh gosh. says: why would you fuck rihanna when you’re married to beyonce

Amy oh gosh. says: that’s like going ‘oh no thanks i don’t want a 3 course meal at the ivy i will just fortify myself by licking the floor of this intensive care hospice’

On Chris Brown (again);

Amy oh gosh. says: i really didn’t realize he was hot until he beat up his girlfriend and ran off into the night.

Ash /|\  says: he has blossomed

Amy oh gosh. says: into a wife beating poet

Ash /|\ says: the black wordsworth

Amy oh gosh. says: is your man? on the floor? if he ain’t, let me know.

On appropriate attire;

Amy oh gosh. says:  is it cricket to wear a t-shirt saying ‘IF YOU SEE DA POLICE, WARN-A-BROTHER’ to a wedding?

Ash /|\ says: I can confirm it is cricket

Amy oh gosh. says: splendid

On not really being surprised;

Amy oh gosh. says: yeah, and for all intents and purposes, he ran for the hills

Ash /|\ says: im shocked

Amy oh gosh. says: XD. yeah me too

Amy oh gosh. says: David Duke in racist remark shocker

Ash /|\ says: Hitler in not a fan of the jewish community shocker

(I wrote about BFFs for Platform you should read it despite the fact that it isn’t illustrated with hot nude pics of Miley Cyrus)

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