I feel like the Queen

On why the ‘young people’ don’t give a shit about politics;

Ash /|\ says: its because Grimmys manifesto hasnt been revealed yet

Ash /|\ says: once he announces it exclusively on radio 1, it’ll send shockwaves through the house of commons

Amy oh gosh. says: someone will slowly rise from his seat and say ‘gentlemen. there are going to be some changes around here’

Amy oh gosh. says: and the tinny opening strains of ‘i’m not alone‘ by calvin harris will blare from someone’s iPhone

Ash /|\  says: urrr mr speaker! this is outrageous! denied, peace and fucking

On McG;

Amy oh gosh. says: i could write an explosion scene that would make McG fall to his knees and weep

Ash /|\ says: the fact that a grown ass man refers to himself as McG

Ash /|\ says: credit where credit is due

Amy oh gosh. says: yes i know

Amy oh gosh. says: http://www.nycomiccon.com/images/100453/2009_Graphics2/McG.jpg he almost certainly tells his dates about the pranks he pulled at sigma gamma douchebag

Amy oh gosh. says: i really feel like his parents are kind of proud of him for becoming rich and successful

Amy oh gosh. says: but deep down they wish he had become something other than a slow witted man child with a penchant for car chases and explosions

Amy oh gosh. says: i wonder if they have arguments about whos fault he is

On being high strung;

Amy oh gosh. says: i hope a minor disagreement about a gif didn’t really piss you off and that is ironic anger

Ash /|\ says: its becoming increasingly hard to tell nowadays, isnt it.

Amy oh gosh.says: still waiting for you to snap and start murdering ‘those who betrayed you’, wearing a bin liner and tin foil hat

Ash /|\ says: I cant wait for that day

Amy oh gosh. says: during your court appearance plz keep slamming your fist on the table and screaming ‘van patten is waiting for me! we have reservations at dorsia!’

On chat shows (again);

Ash /|\ says: she sounds like a retard

Amy oh gosh. says: tbf

Amy oh gosh. says: do you think anyone appearing on a show called ‘i only date black men’ is going to be a mensa alum

Amy oh gosh. says: it just occurred to me

Amy oh gosh. says: in the future a woman called deshonte and a man called ‘barack jr’ will come to blows on a talk show stage

Ash /|\ says: 20 years time, there will be so many baracks on that show

Amy oh gosh. says: it is going to happen

On misunderstandings;

Ash /|\  says: does he look like the type of person who would rape his cousin?

Amy oh gosh. says: he has that rapist vibe

Ash /|\  says: he has a molestor aura

Amy oh gosh. says: a hint of the pedo about him

Ash /|\ says: a cheeky bit of incestual harassment never hurt anybody

On Levi Johnston;

Amy oh gosh. says: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXdyB-wAnms

Ash /|\ says: 10 minutes, lol.

Amy oh gosh. says: it really is worth watching

Amy oh gosh. says: just to see one of the stupidest motherfuckers try to bluff his way through some year 3 questions

Amy oh gosh. says: i lubz him

Amy oh gosh. says: it must be great to date someone that slow

Amy oh gosh. says: a bit like dating a hot lenny from ‘of mice and men’

On Disney characters;

Amy oh gosh. says: you’re a poor man’s jafar

Amy oh gosh. says: a miserable closet homosexual

Ash /|\  says: ‘who daaaares disturb my slumberrrrr’

Ash /|\ says: I say this whenever someone knocks on my door and im slumbering

On Disney characters (again);

Amy oh gosh. says: wish i was violet

Ash /|\  says: who

Amy oh gosh. says: the invisible one

Ash /|\says: oh yeah

Ash /|\ says: I’d do her

Ash /|\ says: and mrs incredible

Amy oh gosh. says: i have to turn my chair…this way now

Ash /|\ says: XD

On Twilight (again);

Ash /|\ says: twilight is serious business.

Amy oh gosh.  says: i wish i could fall in love with a vampire and have sex with the vampire and somehow the vampire would get me pregnant and then that my unborn child would break my ribs and pelvis being born and my vampire love would have to chew through my womb to give birth to my unborn vampire baby and then make me a vampire so i wouldn’t die of internal bleeding!

Amy oh gosh. says: so romantic!

Amy oh gosh. says: that is actually the plot

Amy oh gosh. says: stephanie meyer said they can’t have the baby in the fourth one because cgi can’t show how perfect it is

Amy oh gosh.says: srs

Ash /|\ says: what the FUCK

On Twilight (The Movie):

Ash /|\ says: this prom bullshit is so gay

Ash /|\  says: prom…with….me? teehee

Ash /|\says: what is wrong with this gentlemens face

Amy oh gosh.  says: everyone wants to do bella

Ash /|\ says: everyone wants her gash

Amy oh gosh. says: her morose, gloomy gash

Amy oh gosh. says: motherfucker look like an old man’s face

2 thoughts on “I feel like the Queen

  1. I’m really annoyed by the party political broadcasts preceeding Eggheads at the moment.

    I don’t care about the recession or immigrants or the environment so stop eating up my precious time spent fawning over Judith and punching the air in joy whenever CJ knocks some plebian out, BBC2.

  2. I think political awareness in young people is incredibly important. But at the same time I’m a lazy motherfucker.

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