living life on da razors edge

Yet another Saturday night where I was too lazy to leave the comfort of my room. So instead of spending it enthusiastically ingesting overpriced cocktails, in a room where cigarettes are verboten but ironic facial hair clearly is not, I spend it curled up in an armchair, chatting to my profoundly depressed/depressing mate on MSN, who will, occasionally and completely unprovoked, message me with a fervent wish that everyone in the world would ‘just die’.

My friends, I think it is indeed time for another movie marathon.

A commenter, Harriet, had some pretty lolz suggestions

Wacky men in (preferably inflatable) body suits marathon:
big moma’s house 1 & 2, nutty professor two: the clumps, White Chicks, mrs doubtfire

Jim carey and robin williams in “thought-provoking movie” marathon:
Eternal sunshine of the i-fucking-hate-kate-winslett, Truman Show, Dead Poet’s society, Patch Adams.

The ‘Boarding school bitches are fine’ Marathon; Tart, St Trinians, Wild Child, to some extent, But I’m a Cheerleader

The ‘Deceptively depressing movies’ Marathon: Lars and The Real Girl, Rachel Getting Married, The Mist, Marie Antoinette (Although in hindsight, the ending was somewhat of a giveaway)

The ‘Should you sincerely enjoy this movie it is to be kept a shameful secret that you must carry to your grave’ Marathon: Titanic, Love Actually, HSM 1,2,3, Bratz, One Fine Day, any Lifetime Movie ever made ever.

The ‘children of the 80s’ marathon; Labyrinth, The Princess Bride, The Neverending Story, The Dark Crystal, The Goonies

P.S guyz am I on Gawker. Wtf.