F.A.M.E = Fuck All My Enemies! Guyz!

On concept albums;

Amy oh gosh. says: can one of the tracks be you weeping for four minutes

Ash /|\ says: about my shit life? I wouldnt have it any other way

Ash /|\ says: as long as it has a few donks every 16 bars

Amy oh gosh. says: depression? put on a donk on it. loneliness? put a donk on it. suicide? put a donk on it

Ash /|\ says: grimmy calls it nu-loathing

Amy oh gosh. says: XD

On making light of depression;

Ash /|\ says: I would love it,  just love it if the sun exploded or some shit

Ash /|\ says: or the earth collapsed in on itself

Amy oh gosh. says: i feel so upbeat talking to you

Amy oh gosh. says: i’m the most sarcastic, introspective, morose motherfucker but out of the two of us i would definitely be considered ‘the cheerful one’

On crazy fans;

Ash /|\ says: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkR87msW3XI

Amy oh gosh. says: SABBAAAATH

Ash /|\ says: THE GODS ARE HERE!

Amy oh gosh. says: I bet everyone in that line smells

Amy oh gosh. says: like ham and sorrow


On Rihanna’s nude picture scandal;

Amy oh gosh. says: well they are no cassie nudey pictures

Ash /|\ says: I also enjoy them

Ash /|\ says: nudity pleases me greatly

Amy oh gosh. says: you feel about nudity the same way sisqo felt about thongs

Ash /|\ says: the way mugabe feels about rigging elections

Amy oh gosh. says: the way gary glitter feels about children

On mobile (mobile?) phones;

Amy oh gosh. says: http://mobilultau.com/images/MartinCooper.jpg

Amy oh gosh.says: fuck the iPhone

Ash /|\ says: its ironic

Amy oh gosh. says: when he needs to make a call he takes it out of its special carrier case with the 4lb battery pack attachment and all the panties in the room go moist

On a fantastic job opportunity;

Amy oh gosh. says: i want to hire someone to do my life for me tbh

Amy oh gosh. says: but instead of me paying them, they pay me

Ash /|\ says: that sounds fair

Ash /|\ says: youve always been very fair

On seeking a literary character’s opinion;

Amy oh gosh. says: i wonder what patrick bateman would make of susan boyle’s les miz cover

Amy oh gosh. says:  don’t think he would be impressed

Ash /|\ says: he would have been quite offended

Amy oh gosh.says: he would have killed a homely english tourist to cheer himself up

(For just $9.95, you too can make your mother look back on driving halfway to the abortion clinic, with a certain fondness.)

On products I don’t care for;

Amy oh gosh. says: http://www.vampfangs.com/Bad-Ass-Pacifier-p/bbbadass.htm

Amy oh gosh. says: anyone who buys this is pretty much just a worthless human being

Ash /|\ says: bargain

Amy oh gosh. says: can you imagine the person who says ‘this item is only $9.95?!’

Amy oh gosh. says: and then buys it

Amy oh gosh. says: I keep thinking of an obese slipknot fan with pink dreadlocks

Ash /|\ says: i would

Amy oh gosh. says: i didn’t even bother asking

On Meghan McCain;

Amy oh gosh. says: Meghan McCain isn’t the swiftest boat in the current

Ash /|\ says: what has she done now

Amy oh gosh. says: during the election i was just so blinded by the fact that someone in the mccain family looked like they didn’t feast on the blood of poors and welfare mothers

Amy oh gosh. says: she was on the view

Amy oh gosh. says: and she’s really dumb. not retarded dumb, but way too dumb to get paid for political commentary

Amy oh gosh. says: she’s the global equivalent of that drunk girl who thinks the attentive date rapist is really interested in her views on Iraq

Bonus! Watch Meghan McCain try to bluff her way through an interview by repeating phrases and looking terrified! No wonder she loves the View, its unlikely she’ll ever be asked about anything other than her boots and her opinion on why Ann Coulter is such a meanie.

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