The MTV Movie Awards 2009; Eminem not a fan.

(I loled.)

This morning, because I couldn’t sleep, I watched some of the MTV Movie Awards. I only caught some of it because I was streaming it and so of course it occasionally froze. Also, its the MTV Movie Awards. Most of it was shit anyway and I just cba. However whilst watching I noted;

For once Twilight fans were useful, they were freaking out about the ‘New Moon’ trailer being aired during the commercial break, so they were passing around links to about a million different streams. I’ve never been able to watch an MTV event live before, so it was actually quite cool to see the stars walk the red carpet. It was also particularly amusing to read the running commentary about how the way the light caught Robert Pattinson’s filthy hair actually made him look even more Adonis like or whatever. Twilight and its stars also won many awards, including Best Breakthrough Male. Yeah.

(Appaz I have people like this to thank. So thanks, for being obsessed with a fictional man in a terrible book.)

ALSO everyone is freaking out because Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson omg kissed when they won….well, ‘Best Kiss’. Didn’t they, you know. Do a whole movie where all they did was kiss? Plus they have all the chemistry of two frat boys in wigs being forced to kiss at gunpoint. I don’t get it. But then again, I’m not legally retarded, so.

Fuck ya’ll haterz. Seriously, Megan Fox‘s hair looked awesome. She looked awesome, I actually lubz her.

Appaz the Hills ‘stars’ were in attendance but I don’t know who any of these bitches are. I watched 15 minutes of the show once and literally had no idea what the hell was going on. It also says on the site,  that one of them showed up with a playmate called ‘Jayde’, who I might actually be in love with already. I hope Jayde has a T-Pain ringtone and sometimes when her phone rings, she dances to it. I hope she refers to herself as ‘the queen bitch lol’ somewhere on her facebook. I really hope she has long acrylic nails and talks loudly about her sexual health issues in public places.

Call me, Jayde. You’re the one.

Heath Ledger won ‘Best Villain’. Jesus Christ. Then the person presenting was like ‘Congrats!’. Holy shit, MTV.

Zac Efron gave a very nice speech. I can’t really hate him because he at least seems to be aware of the fact that people think he’s an overly tanned, Thai lady-boy impersonating douchebag and because I don’t actually think he is a douchebag. Anymore.

Miley Cyrus ‘thank[ed] God, HELLO?’ and then pointed vaguely at the ceiling. I really liked her outfit.

Daniel Radcliffe just looks weirder and weirder every time I see him. One day he’s going to be on BBC News, wanted for drugging Emma Watson, chewing off her fingers and then fleeing into the night. And I won’t be a bit surprised.

ALSO, this is very very funny. The Bruno movie is going to be awesome.

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  1. My one Twilight review thing was an attempt to get some hate mail from irate idiot fans of the mess. Sadly, none of the good-taste-free morons who like that shit have encountered my blog yet. I hope you have more luck than I.

  2. I’m not trying to antagonize them, that’s genuinely just how i feel about them as people.

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