Why Megan McCain is a douche

Well. 2 months ago I made the grave mistake of following Meghan McCain on twitter. I had glimpsed peripheral glances of her in interviews and was impressed by the way she came across and what she claimed she was hoping to do for ‘her party’. While she didn’t exactly seem like a Rhodes scholar, I assumed that being the daughter of a politician and presenting herself as something as a spokesperson for the new breed of young, hip Republican voters, she had a hidden intellect that would not go down well with the daytime TV demographic, an assumption that was only reaffirmed when she was given her own Daily Beast column.

Yeah, no.

Jesus Christ, is this broad annoying. She claims to want to be a young voice for her party, but instead of better informing young people and potential voters, she insists on writing stupid trivial bullshit about ‘hotties in the GOP’ and ‘Why she can’t get laid’, starting pointless online slap fights in hopes of distancing herself from the herd and repeatedly stating the fucking obvious. She’s trying to dazzle the 18-30 demographic with how ‘cool’ the Republican party really is and by doing so, is probably having a damaging effect because a) she’s a douche and b) she’s a patronizing douche. Most of the young people she is trying to reach aren’t fans and wonderfully enough, in believing her own hype she’s managed to conform to the same views to which she is so vehemently opposed; only old, ‘out of touch’ people think you are influential. You douche.

Only Meghan McCain can champion the spirit of the ‘Non-Conservative Republican’! Seriously, how do you spin the daughter of your candidate (who LOST by the way) running her mouth about how outdated and ineffective the Party is on every public or political forum that will have her?

Add that to the fact that she genuinely seems to think her opinion is sought after because of her shining intellect and ‘innovative ideas’ (omg Republicans should be allowed to have sex before marriage? Genius!), a big ol’ heaping sense of entitlement and the fact that she is halfassedly pushing Liberal beliefs which will never curry favour with the Republican constituency as a whole (and lets be honest, if they do its hardly going to be because of something this bitch giggled on ‘The View’) and we have ourselves a cretinous, delusional, overindulgent attention whoring runaway train, one who probably gives herself congratulatory finger guns in the mirror every morning.

Really all of this is just a fancy way of saying she’s a dick and I hate people who are able to coast by on someone else’s merit. She’s simply getting paid to say what everyone already knows and act like an obnoxious cunt. Its a sad, sad day when sane people actually agree with Laura Ingraham.

Picture 14

Anyway, the straw that broke the camel’s back came today from her Twitter (immediate screenshot);

6 hours ago, Meghan began her rage against the machine with this seemingly innocuous tweet;

”Hey Washington Monthly, so it’s only important to speak out for marriage equality if your an old man? http://bit.ly/yxBj9”

This was in response to the beginning of the article in which the author pointed out that Meghan McCain’s views on Republicans to accept gay marriages, were pretty much meaningless, much like her opinion regarding anything political. Then a few minutes later came this missive;

”so I guess young women should just stfu and be seen and not heard Washington Monthly….? Only Dick Cheney should speak out…?

That’s quite a big leap Meghan McCain, I don’t really see how the author was insinuating young women shouldn’t be allowed to speak out.

”I wonder if the Washington Monthly thinks if all women or minorities speak out it is “almost meaningless” – apparently only Cheney matters”

How in the fuck did you make the leap from YOURSELF, to ‘all women and minorities’?! (This is another thing I dislike about Meghan McCain. God forbid anyone think she’s an entitled idiot on her own terms, anyone who insults her automatically hates a whole group of people.) Could it be that he thought your opinion was meaningless because your only real political credential is who your father is? Because the fact that you consider yourself to be the saving grace of the GOP doesn’t mean that anyone else really gives a flying fuck what you think? Or because your acceptance of gay marriage is a move characteristic with your constant targeting of unpopular issues within ‘your’ party, whereas Dick Cheney is famous for his firmly Pro-Right political stance (and recently, his Lesbian daughter). And oh y’know actually being a politician? Maybe.

And finally Meghan’s petulant parting shot;

”I guarantee you if one of my brothers were doing what I am doing right now the Washington Monthly would think it had meaning.”

Hahaha, I doubt it.

I will now leave you with a video in which Meghan points out that ‘”No one knows what war is like other than my family….Period”. Fantastic.

Edit; ahahaha Meghan’s bout of crazy is on Wonkette.

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  1. So glad i didn’t have twitter and, indeed, the internet when i was a dumb teenage fayget.

    The pic of Meghan sitting on her bed with her laptop and a bottle of something in her hand gazing into the camera with a come-hither expression was the best pic of 2008.

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