Horses For Courses

On David Miliband;

Amy oh gosh. says: i honestly think he managed to cling on to his job because he’s so hot

Amy oh gosh. says: no-one can tell me any different

Ash /|\ says: indeed, politics needs a strapping older man like miliband

Amy oh gosh. says: gordon brown gets flustered looking at him

Ash /|\ says: mr speaker resigned after getting distracted by him in the Commons

Amy oh gosh. says: whenever he speaks there is hushed giggling from various seats

Ash /|\ says: Baroness Amos is permanently moist due to miliband’s ruggedness

Amy oh gosh. says: his foreign diplomacy generally consists of him gesturing towards his dick and nodding. to date he has drastically improved relations in 17 countries using this method

Ash /|\ says: XD

On Terminator Salvation;

Amy oh gosh. says: FUCK McG indeed

Ash /|\ says: on the other hand, I quite enjoyed it

Amy oh gosh. says: that’s the thing

Amy oh gosh. says: it killed a few hours

Amy oh gosh. says: some stuff got ‘blowed up real good’

Amy oh gosh. says: but on the other hand it was a brainless piece of utter fucking shit and McG has ruined my childhood.

On Bay Vs McG;

Ash /|\ says:

Ash /|\ says: I love the bad boys 2 one

Amy oh gosh. says: tbf bad boys 2 was awesome

Amy oh gosh. says: so was the rock

Ash /|\ says: and transformers

Amy oh gosh. says: no no i did not say transformers

Amy oh gosh. says: i think he is less of a douche than mcg

Ash /|\ says: I’d like him to be my dad

Ash /|\ says: so much more respectable for bay to be your dad than mcg

Amy oh gosh. says: having peter north as your dad would be more respectable

Ash /|\ says: they both do big explosions quite well

On Musical Disillusionment;

Ash /|\ says: my love for music journalism is wearing thin

Ash /|\ says: its becoming apparent that I just dont give a flying fuck about half the music out there

Amy oh gosh. says: yeah seriously

Amy oh gosh. says: you will at least have to feign interest

Ash /|\ says: I wish music reviews were one word things

Ash /|\ says: where I can write ‘shit’, ‘great’, ‘crap’, ‘alright’ and people will respect me as a journalist

Amy oh gosh. says: foo fighters

Ash /|\ says: inconsistent

Amy oh gosh. says: uh, britney spears

Ash /|\ says: shite

Amy oh gosh. says: calvin harris and you can’t say nonce

Ash /|\ says: paedo?

Amy oh gosh. says: XD

On settling scores;

Amy oh gosh says: I hope you DIE

Ash /|\ says: we’re even

Amy oh gosh says: will we ever be even?

Amy oh gosh says: I can’t imagine a time when we don’t have reason to insult each other

Ash /|\  says: excellent call

Amy oh gosh says: Except maybe, when you do me a favour and DIE

On Musical Talent;

Amy oh gosh says: if i was in a shitty girly rock band like the fray

Amy oh gosh says: and someone came up to me and went ‘you’re shit’

Amy oh gosh says: I’d be like ‘ i just used the £50 note your girlfriend spent on our concert tickets to do a line of coke off a supermodel’s ass’

Amy oh gosh says: that’s why i should be in a girly rock band

Ash /|\ says: XD

(I talk about music I like on Platform sorry in advance)

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  1. Bad Boys 2 will go down as the best action movie of the noughties. and the Terminator franchise should’ve died after # 2.

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