I’m A Believer


S2 of True Blood in 2 days. I am, to use a colloquialism, totally geeking out because True Blood is AMAZING. I strongly suggest you watch the first 2 episodes should you have nothing else to do this weekend. Think they’re up on youtube now. It would be nice to have someone to talk about it with as bringing it up in polite society usually yields blank stares and raised eyebrows. And some kind soul might say gently ‘that sounds quite good’ and inquire where and when it comes on out of pity. It stings.

Also (again) ; part 2 of my internet hate speech is up on Platform.

2 thoughts on “I’m A Believer

  1. I watch True Blood through osmosis, meaning my wife watches it religiously and I run into the room whenever something spectacular happens as in nudity, vampire death… er… nudity.

    My one issue with the show is the tremendous body count in this little town in Sticksville, USA. I think they would’ve cordoned off the place and sent in the FBI to do full body cavity searches on everyone at this point. But I guess if you’re already watching a show about vampires and shapeshifters, suspension of disbelief is assumed or a necessity.

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