You should read this okay

On Realistic Goals;

Amy oh gosh. says: my aim is to have a portfolio so when i am old and working at a call center i can be like, LOOK! LOOK AT WHAT I DID

Amy oh gosh. says: to my sullen illegal immigrant co-worker

Ash /|\ says: XD

On Certain Journalists;

Amy oh gosh. says: think they should all be cleansed

Ash /|\ says: me and you should be the definitive word on music journalism

Amy oh gosh. says: we basically should

Amy oh gosh. says: although it would take us about 4 days to sell out for money

Amy oh gosh. says: or in your case, human contact

Ash /|\ says: brokenCYDE really are true innovators

Amy oh gosh. says: i really enjoyed hayden panettiere’s cover of ‘my humps’ it was inspired

Ash /|\ says: johnny borrell really is a top chap and has a lot to say about the economy, are you listening secretary of state?

Amy oh gosh. says: the ting tings really are the best thing to come out of music since the lads from Jet strapped on guitars

On Certain Journalists (Part 2);

Amy oh gosh. says: how many times do you think they have masturbated to the yo la tengo album

Ash /|\ says: so many times, that the skin is actually grazed and charred from the furious movement of hands on their 4 inchers

On Certain Journalists (Part 3);

Ash /|\  says:

Ash /|\ really fucking ugly crackwhore writes bollocks for the guardian

Ash /|\ says: that should be the title of her autobiography

On Excuses;

Amy oh gosh. says: i am nothing if not honest

Ash /|\ says: almost too honest

Amy oh gosh. says: i feel like cbf is an all encompassing reason to not go out

Amy oh gosh. says: rather than picking out one facet of why the night will probably be shit; you can’t smoke inside, the DJ at that night thinks playing ‘boom boom boom (way-oh)‘ is a big treat, its like seven quid for a glass of generic cola and 3 drops of southern comfort

Ash /|\  says: cbf

Amy oh gosh. says: basically

Ash /|\ says: it truly is all encompassing

On R Kelly’s Trapped In The Closet;

Amy oh gosh. says: why isn’t the midget from trapped in the closet super famous?

Amy oh gosh. says: r kelly is actually insane

Ash /|\ says: insanely rich

Amy oh gosh. says: no he’s actually crazy

Amy oh gosh. says: there is something really wrong with him

Amy oh gosh. says: this is the equivalent of self insertion fan fiction

Amy oh gosh. says: where some obese nerd somehow kicks an atomic bomb into space and then has a threesome with the olsen twins

On original pick up lines;

Ash /|\ says: thats my new chat up line

Ash /|\ says: y’know my mate thinks you’re tesco, but to me you are so M&S

Ash /|\ says: get away from me you Lidl troll

Amy oh gosh. says: bitch thinks she’s waitrose when she’s just patel’s cash and carry

Ash /|\ says: XD

On Great Honour;

Ash /|\ says: I wish Obama would punch me

Amy oh gosh. says: me too

Amy oh gosh. says: i would be able to die happy knowing that a president knocked a tooth out of my mouth

Ash /|\ says: *toof

Amy oh gosh. says: *mouf

On Metal Videos;

Ash /|\  says: It Dwells In Me ^_^

Amy oh gosh. says: is there a head there that has known the cleansing touch of soap in the past 2 years?

Ash /|\ says: XD

Ash /|\ says: my silence says more than my words ever could

Edit! Hey look here!!!!! Here!!! Now you’ve got it!!

In order to not feel like a lazy douche/having to write another blog just to post a funny picture or video, I’ve retooled my old tumblr for that very purpose.

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