Wake me up when life is over, guyz


On Kanye West;

Ash /|\  says: kanye west on itv2, such an unlikable man

Amy oh gosh. says: i think he’s acting out

Amy oh gosh. says: the whole world is his stepdad

On R Kelly;

Amy oh gosh. says: o r kelly. you are just so misunderstood

Amy oh gosh. says: all his lyrics reveal the sensitive soul of a gentle giant

Amy oh gosh. says: toot toot beep beep, indeed

Ash /|\ says: TP4 is a soul album. marvin gaye would be proud

Ash /|\ says: if otis redding had made it, it would be his magnum opus

Amy oh gosh. says: i honestly think urinating on a child upped r kelly’s profile. which makes me sad about the world i live in

Ash /|\ says: XD

Ash /|\ says: might try it tomorrow at work

Ash /|\ says: it’ll up my profile as ill be in the local paper

Amy oh gosh. says: ‘that’s how it goes in M&S. I sip cris. You drink piss’

On delicious schadenfreude;

Amy oh gosh. says: that’s why i like ricki lake

Amy oh gosh. says: my life sux but at least i’m not fighting over a toothless man called du’shonte

On not-so delicious schadenfreude;

Amy oh gosh. says: i feel weirded out when the people who link to my blog have lives and friends and such

Amy oh gosh. says: i am a miserable loner

Amy oh gosh. says: i feel like i am their episode of jeremy kyle

On gross, annoying people (Hint hint. Hint.);

Amy oh gosh. says: do you wince when you have to touch something he has previously touched?

Amy oh gosh. says: probably caked in the remnants of his violent self love

On Download Festival;

Amy oh gosh. says: wahey, you almost got lucky at download

Ash /|\ says: by a big drunk man wearing a vader t-shirt, get in

Amy oh gosh. says: i didn’t say with a hot swedish playboy model. by the sound of it you’re lucky you didn’t experience aggravated sexual assault tbf

Ash /|\ says: I did meet someone who said they shagged my ‘rancid whore of a mother’

Amy oh gosh. says: XD

On lies in advertising;

Ash /|\ says: could Loose Women be any more of a tease

Amy oh gosh. says: I rented the hole and when it was over i smashed it to pieces so no-one else would be misled

Ash /|\ says: Anal Gaggers 6 does exactly what it says on the tin

Ash /|\ says: but Sex and the City? such shit.

Amy oh gosh. says: sex and the city had sex in it

Ash /|\ says: for a program that has sex in its title, not as much as you’d think

Amy oh gosh. says: tbf i think that once you hit 13 you shouldn’t really be looking for sex in primetime shows that is just me

Ash /|\ says: you have your opinion and I respect that

On Starting A Band;

Amy oh gosh. says: if i were a dude i would be so rich

Amy oh gosh. says: i’d have the most besotted idiot fanbase this side of an all american rejects album

Amy oh gosh. says: just write a few misogynistic ballads about being in love with a whore, get a stupid haircut that obscures 80% of your face and change your name to ‘zack’ or ‘chad’ or ‘dane’

Ash /|\ says: ‘logan’

Amy oh gosh. says: I call logan

Ash /|\ says: thats okay

Ash /|\ says: ive shotgunned xDanny7x

Amy oh gosh. says: i will make so much money

Amy oh gosh. says: even more if i can somehow reference red bull and pete wentz

Ash /|\ says: and bape

Amy oh gosh. says: and crying over a girl who doesn’t know you exist because you’re a huge pussy

Ash /|\ says: millionaires.

On Important Lessons;

Amy oh gosh. says: just heard the ‘don’t jam silverware into the toaster’ adage is based on fact

Amy oh gosh. says: colour me embarrassed

Ash /|\ says: XD

Ash /|\ says: and so you learned a lesson

Amy oh gosh. says: tbf not really

Amy oh gosh. says: i’ve been alright thus far

Amy oh gosh. says:so i have learnt that i am unkillable and should therefore keep on keeping on

Ash /|\ says: retard is not a term I bound about often

(Me on Heckler Spray woah stop the presses!)


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