Da Chat Log Years; Part Ridiculous.

Hey W@W look at this!!; Ash actually has a blog now and it is actually very very good. I strongly suggest you check it out.



On the Wire;

Amy oh gosh. says: oh my god this dude is getting beaten up by method man

Amy oh gosh. says: would it not be an honour?

Ash /|\ says: I would stand there and take a licking

Amy oh gosh. says: just to brag about it later.


Amy oh gosh. says: I was loling at the incredibly profound chorus of the Notorious B.I.G tribute ‘nasty girl’

Amy oh gosh. says: ”all the ladies if you feel me grab your titties for B.I.G”

Amy oh gosh. says: ten four, big guy.

Ash /|\  says: how he’d want to be remembered

Amy oh gosh. says: ladies squeezing titties in his memory

Amy oh gosh. says: i heard when he died, a similar tribute was paid to martin luther king

On ‘Music For Men’;

Amy oh gosh. says: but i strongly recommend you listen to the new gossip album

Ash /|\ says: do you know what I would rather do than listen to it

Amy oh gosh. says: what

Ash /|\ says: cut off my erect penis with a rusty spoon

Amy oh gosh. says: XD

On Nostalgia;

Amy oh gosh. says: feeling so depressed reading my myspace messages

Amy oh gosh. says: ”You just have to imagine him going to a club in Peckham or something. Suddenly all the talk about ‘ridin’ dat gash and bunnin’ some zoots’ amounts to nothing more than an awkward white guy in a ‘BOY BETTER KNOW’ t-shirt afraid of even the timid African man handing out paper towels in the bathroom.”

Amy oh gosh. says: from ’06. so i was basically always angry

(This will never stop being funny to me. The reason why I keep telling people to ”suck my presidential cock, bitch!”)

On potential paramours;

Amy oh gosh. says: i literally had to dig deep into my memory bank to remember which one she is

Amy oh gosh. says: ”the one who’s not the other one” is what i came up with

Ash /|\ says: good call

Amy oh gosh. says: or, the one who you’ll probably end up stalking but not the one who will end up in your freezer

Ash /|\ says: if I had my way, they’d all end up in my freezer

Amy oh gosh. says: XD

Amy oh gosh. says: you will make a great ‘that weird guy’ some day

Ash /|\ says: remember that guy we used to hang out with at uni? yeah he was a freakshow wasnt he

Ash /|\ says: and I’ll be typing up my reviews on punternet

Amy oh gosh. says: and standing too close to 15 year olds at the bus stop

Amy oh gosh. says: and then when the bus actually comes, just strolling away

Ash /|\ says: the best thing about 15 year olds is that as I get older, they always stay the same age

On seeing NIN live (CUNT);

Amy oh gosh. says: oooh i’m trent reznor i didn’t OD and showed up when i was supposed to

Amy oh gosh. says: SOMEONE just lost a fan

Ash /|\  says: it was fucking amazing

Ash /|\ says: it really really was

Ash /|\ says: jesus would have been a mere mortal at this show

Ash /|\ says: for trent is god

Amy oh gosh. says: i cannot wait until i can lord an incredible show over you. cannot wait

Ash /|\ says: whatevs

Amy oh gosh. says: it will happen

Amy oh gosh. says: i’m not always going to be a manic depressive avoiding the company of others you’ll see

On Pitchfork’s stance on Rock and Roll;

Ash /|\ says: http://pitchfork.com/news/36190-grohlhommejones-supergroup-post-first-brief-hint-of-new-music/

Amy oh gosh. says: ”Last week, we alerted you to the existence of triple-headed rawk hydra Them Crooked Vultures” jesus christ

Ash /|\ says: pitchfork are scared of rock and roll

Amy oh gosh. says: they are scared of people who listen to rock and roll

Amy oh gosh. says: the people who used to beat them up, but with jobs and facial hair

Ash /|\ says: XD

Ash /|\ says: the mere mention of ‘van halen’ sends shivers down Schreibers spine

Amy oh gosh. says: he still remembers being kicked into unconciousness by four be-mulleted hoodlums while the power chords of ‘jump‘ blared on, uncaring, in the background

(More writing and such coming soon after a brief hiatus. Watch this space and also the space around it.)