Red Bull and the Internet. Like Coffee and TV 4.0 EXTREME.

(Plz watch this video plz okay thnx. Amazing.)

On Kanye’s recent gaff;

Amy oh gosh. says: i want someone to edit the footage of kanye at the vmas so that its in slow motion and ‘the world’s greatest’ is the backing track

Amy oh gosh. says: want someone to make this happen

On Glastonbury Tickets;

Ash /|\ says: if I dont have one by then, I am going to phone up and go mental

Ash /|\ says: not even speak coherently on the phone, just a load of shouted phrases and words which dont make sense

Amy oh gosh.  says: XD

Amy oh gosh. says: say you were ian curtis’ secret love child

Amy oh gosh. says: and if they don’t approve you, you and glastonbury, you’re fucking done, professionally

Ash /|\ says: glastonbury is a good festival, a good festival, but it doesn’t cut it when it bullshits around like this

On Marie Antoinette;

Amy oh gosh. says: tbf i loved marie antoinette

Ash /|\ says: I haven’t even seen it.

Amy oh gosh. says: no guy i know likes it

Amy oh gosh. says: you would hate it

Amy oh gosh. says: it would probably set off that switch in your brain that tells you to kill and kill again, which we both know is already balancing precariously

On Discerning Tastes;

Amy oh gosh. says: well tbf atm we are in a social climate that considers pixie lott a person worth listening to

Ash /|\ says: she is relevant to my interests

Amy oh gosh. says: human females between the ages of 16 and death?

Ash /|\ says: need to be breathing

On Discerning Tastes (Part 2);

Ash /|\ says: I would almost certainly engage in some sort of sexual relations with her

Amy oh gosh. says: I’m sure you’d say the same of a burns victim with large breasts so forgive me if i don’t hold your opinion in high esteem

On Gentlemanly Behaviour;

Ash /|\ says: hope she gets really really pissed so i can take advantage

Amy oh gosh. says: you’re such a good guy, you’re just a really good guy

Ash /|\ says: one of the best

Amy oh gosh. says:a king among men

Ash /|\ says: god among mortals

Amy oh gosh. says: looking forward to your first appearance on crimewatch

Ash /|\ says: can’t wait for their drawing of me

Ash /|\ says: the sketch

Ash /|\ says: wonder what it’ll look like

Amy oh gosh. says: hahaha they’ll blatantly make you look like that dude from keane with facial hair

Ash /|\ says: goddamn.

Thank God Big Brother is over;

Amy oh gosh. says: why do people watch big brother

Amy oh gosh. says: why watch people living their lives

Ash /|\ says: who knows.

Amy oh gosh. says: its not even scripted

Amy oh gosh. says: there are no sexy twists

Amy oh gosh. says: just pasty idiots

On Sad Realities;

Ash /|\ says: I’d rather pokemon were real tbh

Ash /|\ says: srs, how fucking badass would that be

Amy oh gosh. says: that would be shit

Ash /|\ says: no it wouldn’t

Amy oh gosh. says: within weeks there’d be adverts talking about how they were being abused or made to compete in dogfights or some shit

Ash /|\ says: that happens with real animals anyway

Amy oh gosh. says: exactly

Amy oh gosh. says: human beings aren’t as pure as anime characters

Amy oh gosh. says: lay your dreams to rest

Ash /|\ says: tbf it’d be better dogfighting if dogs breathed fire and shit


On malicious intent;

Amy oh gosh. says: I hope they don’t play

Amy oh gosh. says: tbf i hoped micheal jackson would pike and well.

Ash /|\ says: are you nostradamus

On Nip/Tuck being shit;

Ash /|\ says: I much prefer this –

Amy oh gosh. says: i keep telling you they ripped that song off, massively

Ash /|\ says: I dont care, they made it better

Amy oh gosh. says: its not better

Ash /|\ says: its a parody

Amy oh gosh. says: an uncredited parody

Amy oh gosh. says: you can’t rip off something a few people have heard of and then call it a parody

Ash /|\says: your insolence towards nip/tuck gets me quite enraged

Amy oh gosh. says: look i’m sorry but its a shit show okay

Ash /|\ says: fuck you

Ash /|\ says: I hope you get struck down with malaria


Ash /|\ says: see my previous comment

On ‘German Pussy’;

Ash /|\ says: have you seen the new Rammstein video?

Ash /|\ says: it is the most terrible song in the world

Ash /|\ says: coupled with the greatest ever video

Ash /|\ says:

Ash /|\ says: very nsfw.

(Seriously guyz its basically porn!11)

Amy oh gosh. says: oh my god this is awful

Amy oh gosh. says: HAHA

Ash /|\ says: take it you’ve just reached the end

Ash /|\ says: its quite climactic

Amy oh gosh. says: for them, too

Amy oh gosh. says: i am not a fan of the song but i think it is meant to be overly satirical

Amy oh gosh. says: like a big viral campaign so scarf wearers will actually give a fuck about rammstein

Ash /|\  says: XD

Ash /|\ says: viral campaigns = scarf wearers only

Amy oh gosh. says: ‘wacky’ scenesters are our superior

Amy oh gosh. says: watch how quickly german pussy makes the blog rounds

Amy oh gosh. says: pitchfork are going to shit themselves

Amy oh gosh. says: ‘a must have for any rockist who takes his metal with a side of irony’ *puts on ladysmith black mumbaza pulls out lotion*

Ash /|\ says: pulls out lotion? but theres no mention of dipset anywhere

Amy oh gosh. says: copy of the source already carefully laid out, blates

Ash /|\ says: imagine the carnage if there was a double page spread on juelz santana

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  1. The moustache to mullet ratio in that dating vid’ is, as Noreaga once said in his amazing Life Sucks Die magazine interview, off the yelzebub.

    Seriously thinking of changing my name to Munroe after watching that.

    A M.E collab’, huh? Shoot me an email.

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