I Woz ‘Ere, TBH.

(On Hiatus Like The Cosby Mysteries)

So I think me and WordPress are done for a while, guyz. I might resurrect it or go back here, in a few months, but for now I am giving blogging a rest for various reasons.

”Why? I cannot say. Where? You mustn’t know. How? Eh, haven’t decided yet.”

But don’t worry! I can still be found on flickr, on tumblr, on twitter, on Donner, on Blitzen etc. Basically, I’m steadily making my way through all the social networking sites of the earth. Huzzah!

Look at my tumblr! Wow!

I’ve deleted my first blog (itslikeyeahmotherfucker.blogspot.com), so if you still have that link on your blog, please please update to this one, it would be great I might even cry.

My Favourite Entries or ‘When I Wasn’t Shit

My favourite blog entries, in no particular order. I was going to do this with articles but the thought of dredging them all up made me drowsy.

The Hipster Guide To Writing A Blog

Best Of Da Chat Log Years 1, 2, 3 and 4

Why NME is shit

Why the movie ‘Glitter’ is shit

Why Hollywood Records is shit

I played WoW 1, 2 and 3

Social Life? CBF TBH (Lets Watch Movies!)

Skins S3 broke my heart :c

My brush with the Jonas Brothers; Fame

Top ten ways to pass time at work

How to break up with your best friend

Laugh at my horrible taste in music; Part 2; (Readers try to justify their own horrible tastes in music)

TV Shows of yesteryear and why we should all file a class action against Aaron Spelling’s next of kin.

Eurovision ’09

Can I get SRS for a minute?

Thank you so much to everyone who wrote to me, left me comments, sent me mp3s, put my name up for blog awards (?!), linked me, read what I wrote and let me read your blogs. U guyz rule. If an awkward, misanthropic nerd can be liked on the internet, well, its proof that dreams really do come true.

If you want to read a blog that isn’t shit click on any of the links below in the links section omg what will you find!

I Don’t Care If You Wouldn’t, I WouldLess Bright Eyes, More Deicide , Jamie Taete, The Martorialist, The Imaginary Reviewer, Dirty Dirty Laundry, Trashforce Reaper, Comme Des Fuckdown, Luxirare!

Esp the aforementioned bloggers, raising my proverbial crunk goblet in your honour.

In a while, crocodile.

❤ ❤ ❤

4 thoughts on “I Woz ‘Ere, TBH.

  1. So, i guess we won’t get to read your musings on Ed Miliband, Melissa Joan Hart’s post-Sabrina career, Juelz’s patchwork outfit in the Dipset Anthem video, the tv version of Clueless, and the two noughties movies by Daniel “bloke who wrote Heathers” Waters anytime soon, huh?


    • Ed Miliband looks like a claymation version of David so I am not interested, Melissa Joan Hart was always overrated at best and ‘Drive Me Crazy’ is one of the only teen movies I just couldn’t get through, Juelz Santana’s mum made him ‘one of those jackets and the baggy trousers all the other boys at your school wear’, the TV version of Clueless was pretty good for a spin off, no Buffy, although Stacey Dash is 40 and foooyne, only seen ‘Happy Campers’ because duh, hello, Brad Renfro, who brings out the squealing, impulse soaked valley girl in me.


  2. Stacey is top ten of all time. I prefered the tv version of Clueless, even though Rachel Whatsherface was no Alicia S. Dionne was hotter, Amber was even more ruthless and Sean and Murray used to kill it with the pastel golf wear. The school dance contest episode is unfuckwithable.

    Sex And Death 101 is pretty ace.

  3. Damn. I’ve been following you since itslikeyeah from blogger. This sucks, but I hope things go well for you.

    Your writing always puts a smile on my face with how random and nostalgic it is. No one does what you do!


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